The executive is in charge of offering life to a script. She is in charge of lifting the words off of the page and giving them meaning. She is extremely involved with the film cast, as a rule working more intimately with them than the maker. The chief is available at all of the practices. She helps the cast run lines, settles on blocking choices and chooses closet. As a rule, a maker will just work with chiefs who have encounter coordinating movies. Now and then one individual goes about as the maker and the chief.

The executive is in charge of regulating the imaginative parts of a film, including controlling the substance and stream of the film’s plot, coordinating the exhibitions of performing artists, sorting out and choosing the areas in which the film will be shot, and overseeing specialized points of interest, for example, the situating of cameras, the utilization of lighting, and the planning and substance of the film’s soundtrack. In spite of the fact that chiefs employ a lot of force, they are eventually subordinate to the film’s maker or makers. A few chiefs, particularly more settled ones, go up against a hefty portion of the parts of a maker, and the refinement between the two parts is now and then obscured.

Second unit executive

The second unit executive is in charge of supervising the photography relegated to the second unit, which can extend from minor embed shots to huge trick groupings. The second unit chief position is much of the time filled by an individual from the creation, regularly the proofreader or trick facilitator.

Music executive

In India-based motion picture creations, huge numbers of which are musicals, the term ‘music chief’ is usually utilized for the arranger and music maker of the melodies and score utilized as a part of the film. The part includes administering the course of action, recording and acing of film music alongside directing and arrangement.


Individual or people who compose a film script. Either a unique script or adjusted from another composed work, in which case the first work and author(s) may likewise be credited.